• Estate Planning

    Life Planning Documentation Many people consider their life planning documentation to be of low priority, however these are the most important … Continue Reading…

    Estate Planning
  • Family Law Property Settlements

    Once you have decided to separate and to divide your property, it is important that you obtain legal advice as to your options, and the basic process … Continue Reading…

    Family Law Property Settlements
  • Mediation

    Our Principal Director, Lyn Lucas, first trained as a Mediator in 1995.  She has conducted numerous conferences through the Legal Aid Family Law Early … Continue Reading…


WHEN can we help you?

When you are ready. You may wish to obtain our early advice, then get back to us when you decide to move forward. We are organised to assist you at all times to guide you through a difficult period, and offer a 15 minute free consultation to give you some basic advice – you can contact us here and we will then make an appointment for a telephone chat.


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Records indicate that many unhappy couples decide to untie the knot during the months of January and … Read More



  Susan Ingall is a Qualified Executive Performance Coach specializing in the area of … Read More